What is Vndes Token?

Vndes Token is a ERC-20 token that will be used to power the Polygon ecosystem. The Vndes ecosystem will consist of a variety of products and services, including a decentralized exchange, a yield farming platform, and a launchpad.


Vndes Token is an ERC-20 token designed to provide a secure, efficient, and transparent payment method for e-commerce transactions. The token will be used on the Vndes platform, a decentralized e-commerce platform that allows users to buy and sell goods and services using VNDES Tokens.

The Vndes platform will address these challenges by providing a secure, efficient, and transparent environment for e-commerce transactions. The platform will use blockchain technology to provide a decentralized ledger that records all transactions. This will ensure that all transactions are secure and transparent.

Project Overview

The Vndes platform is designed to address some of the challenges that currently exist in the e-commerce industry, including:

Fraud: Buyers and sellers are often at risk of fraud when transacting online.

High fees: Traditional e-commerce platforms often charge high fees to sellers and buyers.

Lack of transparency: Users often do not have access to information about how e-commerce platforms operate.


Mobile Payment Make Easy

Connect with a worldwide network, offering borderless transactions and diverse investment opportunities.

Sustainable Growth

Blockchain driven insights and strategies foster long-term, sustainable growth for investors and users.

Protect the

Enhanced algorithms ensure top-tier security, protecting transactions and data integrity.


Intuitive interface powered by AI, making navigation and transactions easy for all users.

Our Roadmap

Q1 2024

Project Launch

Official release of Vndes Token, including a detailed whitepaper and website launch

Q2 2024

Platform Development

Development and beta testing of the AI-enhanced trading platform, focusing on user experience and security features.

Q3 2024

Strategic Partnerships

Forming alliances with key fintech and blockchain players to expand reach and technology integration

Q4 2024

Full Platform Launch

Full-scale launch of the trading platform with payment capabilities, along with initial user feedback integration.

How it work

Advanced AI algorithms analyze market trends for secure, stable investments.

Transparent, tamper-proof transaction records enhance trust and reliability.

AI-driven real-time market data for informed, timely decision-making.

User-friendly, AI-assisted smart contract templates for diverse needs.

Distribution Goals

The Vndes Token will have a total supply of 300M tokens. The tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 1 50% - Public Sale
  • 2 25% - Team and Advisors
  • 3 15% - Ecosystem Development
  • 4 10% - Marketing and Reserves